Well, in this article I have described some common design mistakes to avoid before doing interior design.

In general, we paint our home interior before we move in. But try to avoid it. Buy the furniture and decors accessories first and then make painting according to furniture and curtains color.

While renovating or doing interior design, don’t invest your money on one theme only. A room without contrast will feel like a dull. Just avoid over matching to cheer some contrast.

Just like over matching, using all contrast items in a room is one of the interior design mistakes. It won’t be good for the eyes to visualize. Have balances on items on contrast and matching.

Don’t have the furniture in your home of same heights. It will be dull for the eyes. Buy furniture with different elevation with windows.

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While decorating your bedroom, don’t go for very dark or very light colors. Have a balance on dark and light colors; it will please all age group members of home.

Many persons put artwork too high or low on the wall. This disturbs the whole interior design of a room. Put the artwork eight to ten inches higher than your furniture.

Most people push furniture against the wall and put them with the wall. That destroys wall decors. Keep that furniture five to ten inches apart from the wall.

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Don’t go for new trends always and keep changing the interior things always. It is one of the interior design mistakes because all trends become older after a month.

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