How Important is Paint in Residential Interior Designing?

Whether it’s an old home or a new one, if it’s not nicely painted it doesn’t look good. And that is probably the reason why paint is such an important aspect of any Residential Interior Design. It is the paint on the walls of your house that creates the kind of mood you want in every room. That is why a Residential Interior Designer observes a lot of caution while choosing paints for a residential space. What considerations they factor in? Here they are-

  • The first and most important consideration that is taken into account is the size of a room. Take any Residential Design, and look at the use of paint. You will realise, it is the paint on the walls that makes a room look bigger or smaller. While light paints cause an interior space to look bigger, warm paints or dark shades make it look cramped. So, if you have a small room, don’t get it painted in dark shades like grey.

  • If the lighting in a room is dull, then a Residential Interior designer will use a light-coloured paint on its walls, so that the room look brighter.

  • Paint also works wonders on the mood. A dull and gloomy paint can’t offer the kind of freshness to a room that a bright paint colour can. If you want your house to look lively, avoid gloomy shades.

  • Paint can also enhance the theme of a room better. For instance, if you are offering your child’s room a jungle theme, then a green paint on the walls would look ideal.

So, now you know how important paint is in any kind of Residential Interior Designing. So, make sure you don’t ignore this aspect under any circumstance.

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