No matter how much research you do in designing or redecorating your rooms, goof-ups (like what?) are bound to happen. So why take the risk? Even if you are a percent unsure of doing it yourself, hire an interior designer.

The best projects happen when you are willing to do something ‘totally different’. Hiring a designer is worth it in the end. And that is an unbiased opinion.

These 8 points from one of the top interior designers in Bangalore, will hopefully make you less skeptical on how to go about the process before you pull the design trigger!

Do your research

Get a detailed account of how you want to do or redo your space- know your style. This will help you in better communication with your designer and make your requirements better understood with the best house inspection company, visit

Don’t hire the first designer you meet-get in contact with various designers and go for the most feasible (reword) one. If possible, talk to their previous clients and get feedbacks.

Use referrals and pictures from the projects they have done.


The most contentious subject! Put your trust on someone who is going to make the best out of any budget.

Always have a figure in mind- review the numbers and know your limits, this gets you the most out of the services. It’s also important to realize that with design, like sushi, you probably would have to pay a little more and actually enjoy it. For paying get loans for bad credit no guarantor no fees instant decision.


How do you want your rooms to be? How much space do you want to allocate for each? And so on. Keep in mind the spaces and how connected each are via an open plan; this gives you a better idea of what to expect visually. Also know how well your designer uses up the space while they design it.


Consider when you want the work done; keep in mind that shorter timelines can be more expensive,also leading to quick work without the desired finish. Do you want the work to be done when you are away or do you want to be a part of it, throughout the process? Have a tentative timeline set, so the goals are easier to meet.


Trust is the most essential ingredient for effective communication. It’s the foundational principle to beautiful interiors, as good designs take effort and time.

It’s always good to have a contract document that clearly states the requirements, services, payment and payment schedule.

Don’t prepare a blueprint and ask your designer to copy the same. Trust in their creativity and let them do their job.


Be honest about your requirements and your budget, it’s the best possible way when you are dealing with designing something personal as your home. Consider what you expect out of the relationship, project and design, be straightforward about your choices.

Personal involvement

Depending on your workschedule, decide on how much time you can spare on the process. Are you someone busy who needs to keep their plate free from the whole project? Or are you willing to put in your creativity and have a hand in picking the décor? Make a choice on how much of a part do you want to play in designing your space.

Designer style

Your space needs to define you. Hire a designer who is flexible with their designs. Make sure you go through their previous works and if possible, talk to their earlier clients as well. Choose a designer suitable to the designs you have in mind.

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