Schools now days are complex systems that require meeting variety of obligations towards social, educational, environmental, recreational and community needs. It is the first “institution” that kids face next to their family. Hence the design should aim to pacify this transit from an unfamiliar setting to an allied community of learners.

When designing a school consideration is needed as to how the value should be represented to the community, to students, staff and to passersby and long-term vision has to be kept in mind. Therefore School Interior Design should be such that it reflects the history and the future of the community and enhance cultural identity through the use of color, masonry and glass for openness and permanence, also changing the myth perception of the school as an uninviting, gigantic institution.

It’s essential Building Interior Design on home-base for the students in the classroom where teachers and their classes can build strong relationships. Designing the space smartly activates the entire building bringing various small units together creating a large infrastructure not only for movement but also for learning. Chairs, tables and benches outside of the classroom can extend, now as a learning environment in the building.

Stimulating classrooms: Factors like color, furniture, space, acoustics, technology, light and display determines the design of the learning environment typically the classroom that collaborates to provide an apt ductile setting for students to learn. Classroom designs should ensure that wall surfaces are autonomous and ceiling is suspended with artwork or curtains from a grid with proper structural design at the scale of the children.

Space management: Imparting education for older children is different from younger ones, as students engage in project-based learning individually or in small-group and large-group, in the same setting. Hence School Interior Designers in Bangalore looks at designing spaces for less density student to more flexible and adaptable highs.

Ergonomic furniture: On an averagechildren sit six hours a day on school furniture. Providing adjustable desks and seats for varied physical size of the students could meet their developmental need to move, to shift position or to stand during learning for apt postures. School Office Interior Architecture suggests these movements as acute for intellectual growth, enhancing concentration and stimulating circulation. Using right type of bookshelves, cubbies and other furniture brings flexibility in the classroom enabling the teacher and the class for quick rearrangements to suit different activities.

Acoustics: Use of interactive whiteboards, active learning tutelage continues to boom making audibility more critical within and between classrooms. Hence Classrooms and laboratories require attention to windows, walls, flooring, ceilings and doors, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. Also ensure apt gap from adjacent noise sources as exterior noise is challenging and difficult to control requiring greater efficiency from window moldings.

Colors: Certain colors affect mood and behavior which is culturally variable. Therefore in School Interior Design Ideas, it’s good to focus on the location of color rather than focusing on performance derived specific colors; to reduce glare and eye strain achieving better results.

Lighting: Natural and electric light sources in the classroom need to be adjustable to the task like finger paint to digital audio-visual displays such that teacher can use natural light at the windows and other areas can have electric light.Thus a cohesive design reduces excessive contrast and glares by giving reflectance of colors and materials of the room in accordant with the lighting design.

Extended learning: An appropriate School Building Interior Design provides openings for students to grow socially, intellectually and emotionally. Students can engage their imaginations through the school displays. Seating areas can provide a place to totter with a friend or interact with faculty to review classroom activity.

Safety: For a good School Office Interior Architecture, prime importance iscreating a safe and secured learning environment for students to learn stress free from threats like intruders and bullies. A single, clear “front door” will help reduce unwanted intruders along with using technology like video cameras, magnetometers, x-ray machines and creating a wall around the campus. More proactive strategies like glazing in stairways should be included in School Interior Design Ideas to create transparency throughout the school enabling people to see and be seen, with bonus benefit of bringing natural light into dark space.

Cafeterias, stairs, corridors and playgrounds are the spaces where bullying occurs, as adults don’t notice such places. With copy rooms, offices and faculty workrooms aligned across campus, adults are more likely to move throughout the school, engaging students and molding apt behavior.

Reception: The Design of the reception area should be open and welcoming, making it easy for the arriving visitors to contact. Well-equipped staff rooms, main office, meeting areas, rest rooms and canteen should be well incorporated or routed directly for easy access.

Good Library Interior, Auditorium, Play area, Gym, Sports facilitating area designs need to be aligned with the demands of the School Interior Design layout for all-round development to the students. The layout should be completely engaging with apt seating, shelves and paper stands for durable usage. Adequate Storage space should be facilitated at needed areas.

Auditorium Interior Design should have great focus on lighting, sound quality for inspiring and pleasing looks demonstrating school theme with proper exit routes also making easier to keep clean. For more security, proper guides should be laid from the beginning of plan for emergency situations.

School Interior Designers in Bangalore strongly believe that good learning community is built through transparency, good communication, openness and subtle security that can transform perception of school from threatening institution to a supportive, inviting and safe place to learn.

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